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All-States Machine Repair is a full service company brought to the marketplace to service and repair metal working equipment. The need in the market to machine, rebuild, repair, and retrofit are satisfied by service engineers who have years in the industry solving the most difficult repair problems. Specialists in machining, engineering and repair allow this to be accomplished.

“I have known Mr. Jim Williams for over 20 years, and I have used his company many times during those years, to perform many different jobs in our facility, as well as some of our other facilities. Those jobs have ranged from preventive maintenance, to machine repair, to total machine rebuilds. The work performed, has always been completed on time, and to the highest quality, and standards, of workmanship. Jim also offers his services, at very fair and competitive rates. I would definitely recommend Jim's company (All-States Machine Repair) to anyone looking to have their equipment maintained, repaired, or rebuilt.”

~ Dan Bannister of RBC Bearings~


We have provided our services across a broad array of equipment in industrial environments by bringing the talent together to solve these problems within ASMR. Here are some of the markets we currently serve.

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Steel Industry
  • Second and Third Tier Automotive Suppliers
  • Bearing Industry
  • Gear Industry
  • Manufacturing
  • Machining

ASMR wants to bring you our talented service technicians. The people and skills we have developed and retained for years, allow us to solve the problems your operation is unequipped for. It is our first priority to get you back on line in the most efficient, cost-effective and professional manner possible.

Call us to quickly mobilize our service techs to investigate your site and solve your most difficult machine repair problems or to retrofit and upgrade your machine. Are you looking to make a new machine purchase? ASMR’s machine moving operation and rebuild facilities can rebuild your current machine increasing its capability to a higher level of quality and production for a fraction of the cost with a total rebuild.

All-States Machine Repair is a group of individuals brought to the metal working industry to solve the problems that delay production, correct poor quality, and to provide machine tools that are capable of producing at a higher level than originally designed. We are the company that is called when others cannot achieve this goal.

We strive to leave our customers feeling they have made partner to contact when problems arise that they cannot resolve or are beyond their abilities. We are in the market place because when others can’t get it done we do! We want you to have a solid alternative to expensive OEM suppliers that will work only work on there own equipment. Our versatility on any metal working equipment eliminates your need to call a different vendor for every repair need as they arise.

A constant theme in the industry seems to be ignoring the importance preventative maintenance, repairs or upgrades to hardworking machinery. Failure to do so will always have the same result for the customer… a reduced ability to deliver an on time, quality, and profitable product. Properly maintaining your machine tools prevents a slowly eroding ability to keep pace in a market place when the competition has done so.

Even the best built machinery will breakdown on its own time with little regard for your production schedule. Doing small effective things proactively will enable your company to make intelligent decisions before your process reaches a critical stop. Preventative maintenance plans, repairs, and upgrades to your machine tools can be offered to eliminate this constraint and improve your process.

All-States Machine Repair is here to service your machine in any state in the continental U.S.