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Retrofitting and Rebuilding

All-States machine automation upgrade and retrofit services begin with a careful evaluation of your process including:

  • On-site fact finding
  • Research and development of engineered systems
  • Updated drawings and schematics

Controls upgrades and component level retrofitting to modern technology are generally part of forward-looking and cost-effective plan to minimize downtime and decrease production losses. Upgrades increase system performance control and inject new life into capital equipment. We can customize options for your machine rebuild or retrofit either on-site or in our rebuild facility located in Kouts, IN. Our services include, but are not limited too, controls upgrades, safety upgrades, surface restoration, custom painting, mechanical repair and OEM replacements.


All-States Machine Repair can take your antiquated operator controls and breathe new life and greater control into your shop floor machinery with custom Human Machine Interfaces and PLC integrations.

Modernized Upgrades

The accuracy and longevity of your equipment can be greatly enhanced by upgrading a variety of a machines components to modern standards such as servo driven motors, control panels, lubrication and valving systems.

Safety Systems

Do you have an outdated or under-engineered piece of equipment with a glaring hole in safety protection for the operator? All-States has the experience to design and implement safety systems such as light curtains, interlocks, guarding, and safety controls into your current design.