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About Us

Company History:

All-States is a solely owned, Indiana S Corporation formed in 2012 to serve the metal forming, grinding, and machining industries. The roots of the company go back before 1990 in the bearing industry requiring precise positioning systems. Many of the employees today come from that era of machining and repair. The electrical technology of the time was taking off going from mechanical and electrical motion to servo controlled controllers replacing them with simpler more exact retrofits. At that time many companies believed in rebuilding and retrofitting the equipment they had and were doing so. The ASMR of today and its people are a product of that environment giving them a deep understanding of the base machines and how they originally operated and what the new equipment also has to achieve.

Company Culture

  • Vision Statement: "We offer to the customers our employees skills and abilities that will solve the most difficult machine tool problems by service repair, engineering, and rebuilding. By solving these problems and possessing our talents, we become an extension of that company and a vital asset when problems arise. By solving these problems we will return them to a profitable and productive company by a phone call away."


ASMR is comprised of three different facilities. A full service machine shop, rebuild shop, and storage facility. The rebuild shop and machine shop both are fitted with 400 Amp 480 V power to power most projects as they come in for rebuild and repair and sit on near 5 acres of property.

Within the buildings a dedicated machine shop featuring turning, milling, grinding, welding, and a steam bay for cleaning is included. Withing this facility mechanical and electrical engineering is housed for all engineering needs as well.

Within the rebuild facility bays exist to teardown and build up new components and projects. A dedicated weld bay is housed within this facility for any welding or fabrication that is required.

Storage facilities are also part of the company to store a variety of machines and spare parts for rebuild and exchange.