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Rigging and Moving

All-States Machine Repair trailer, manlift and forklifts

Rigging And Moving

Manipulating heavy equipment in tight quarters can be a tedious task. Our equipment operators work every day in just those circumstances and happy to share their experience with you. We currently have 30,000 pound forklift capacity available to your disposal in the event you need to move something really big a couple of feet or clear across the country. Check out the Mobile Equipment List below for more specifics.

Mobile Equipment List


Royal T 300 / 30,000 lb.

Clark CG 15,500 / 15,500 lb.

Hyster 150A / 15,000 lb.

Hyster H50 / 5,000 lb.

Mitsubish/ 5,000 lb.

Trucks / Vans

2012 Ford F250 Truck 4x4

2008 Ford F150 Truck 4x4

2004 Ford F250 Truck 4x4

2007 Chevy 3500 Cargo Van

2009 Ford F350 Cargo Van

2010 Ford F350 Cargo Van

2001 Chevy 2500 Cargo Van

2004 Chevy 3500 Cargo Van

2004 GMC 3500 Cargo Van

Scissor Lifts / Trailer

2 Man 26’ Elect. Scissor Lift

Tandem Axle 12,000 lb. Tilt Trailer